Pre Games thoughts 2012

I haven’t written in ages, for one my time seams to taken up with various different bits of prep but the other reason was because I didn’t know what I wanted to say.

This is just a quick post to let you know how its all going.  The last time I wrote in this was after a big competition in Deauville, France. After I came home from Deauville, I mainly just concentrated on training away at home. In particular I concentrated on bringing my horse frame up as it has been a recurring comment from the judges, that his poll tends to be a bit low at times. I went to a big competition Hartpury in July and I didn’t get on as well as I hoped. I was quiet disappointed that my scores were not a bit higher but when I was looking back at it I think that I brought Mister Cool up too much. In doing so I knocked a few other things out of sync. Even thought it did not go to plan in Hartpury for me, I learned a lot. I feel that I have a clearer idea of how I want Mister Cool to go. If I didn’t try something new I would wonder what if when it comes to Games time.
Everyone keeps asking me if I’m all set and I never know how to answer that question. With horse I don’t if you ever feel all set, there is always something I would like to improve but overall I feel happy that I have put in as much work as I could and that I have gained a good bit of competition experience with Mister Cool. Win, lose or draw I feel happy that I did everything that I could to prepare for the games.

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