Goodbye to Mister Cool

In April of this year I had to make a heartbreaking decision to put Mister Cool or Charlie as I always called him to sleep. He had a freak accident out in the field and ruptured his superficial tendon. It happened when I was away at a Paralympic’s Ireland camp in Limerick in March.

My mam phoned to say Charlie was lame coming in from the field and asked what should she do, I dismissed it at first because Charlie could be dog lame with a small stone in his foot, he was a total drama queen about pain and if he ever had any problems he tended to act like he needed to be put down but then once he was better after a day or so everything would be forgotten.

After a little examination the vet scanned his leg and told me that it wasn’t good. Competitively his career was over and he needed a lot of rest with the best case scenario would be that he would sound enough to go in the field and maybe gentle hacking in a year of so. As you can imagine I was really upset hearing the news and couldn’t bear the idea of putting him down so we set to work minding him better than a baby, bandaging, cold housing, keeping lots if pain meds in his system etc. It quickly became clear to me that Charlie was very uncomfortable and it was horrible to watch him suffer. For anyone that knew him he was never a happy hacker and even he recovered I couldn’t tell how he would adjust to a totally different life to what he had before, so with all that in mind I said goodbye to my special little guy.

He was a very special horse who challenged me lots, drove me a little nuts but a horse who gave me so much. He taught me so much and he owed me nothing. I owe him so much and just couldn’t be selfish with him and keep him because letting him go was hard.

RIP Mister Cool

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